Our Product & Services

LNG and CNG Comodities

Provide LNG and CNG as cleanes fossil fuel, low carbon, safe and efficient

LNG and CNG Transport and Logistic

Transporting LNG and CNG from source to customer

LNG and CNG Facilities and Equipments

LNG and CNG Storage, Metering Regulating Station, Regasification and Instalation

Services and Maintenances

Experince team in LNG and CNG for Small and Medium Scale Logistics and Operations

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Our Activities

LNG Delivery

LNG will deliver to ist customer using VGL (Vertical Gas Liquid) or LNG Small Cylinder.

Gas In Ceremony

1st LNG gas in ceremony with Commercial Director Pertamina Persero, President Director Pertagas Niaga

Pioneer in LNG Retail

LNG Retail business created by PT. Pertagas Niaga and PT. Laras Ngarso Gede, are succesfull in convert LPG to LNG at Hotel Hilton in June 2017

LNG Isotank 40ft

The use of LNG Container (Isotank) to bring LNG from source to LNG Hub


LNG Hub is the area manage by Laras Energy as storage and filling station for each commercial area

Vertical Gas Liquid

VGL 175 Litre or LNG cylinder use as mobile storage for each customer