About Us



About Our Company


The Company’s business concept is focused on the solution and distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas for the customer located far from gas source and out of gas pipe distribution area


LARAS ENERGY strategy begins with identifying regions in Java and Bali that demonstrate an acceptable method of distributing LNG. The commercial screening process involves identifying area where the legal, market and commercial environment is favorable and acceptable.

Our commercialization is driven by the need to clean, efficient and safe energy in Hospitality Industry, in the region of West Java and Bali, and in implementing the development, extension and optimization of the LNG reserves in Indonesia.



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Using LARAS ENERGY as a commercial brand, our strength lies in the ability of create a new method in distributing LNG to its customer and also to develop such opportunities at very competitive costs through application of “fit for purpose” technologies.

Vision and Mission


To be a leader in LNG retail and solution in Indonesia


Build a strong awareness of the use of LNG as a safe, friendly environment and domestic gas fuels.

Some Facts About LNG


       Competitive price, in some country price lower than solar and LPG

       Reduced equipment maintenance cost

       Higher reduction in volume, efficient in transport and storage

       70% less CO, 87% less NOx, 20% less CO2 and no residue on water or soil

       Does not burn in its liquid state

       Its vapor are safe to breathe

       Evaporates quickly and leaves no residu

     *compared to other fossil fuels, such as oil or coal.